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Reflections on 2019 – CDEF Report


Download here: REFLECTIONS ON 2019: REIMAGINING A PATH FORWARD The world is a different place today. In the past few months, we found ourselves reflecting not only on our 2019 highlights but also considering the scale of change experienced over this past year by the CDE Foundation team and the communities we serve across the state of California. In less than a year, we welcomed a new CEO, four new staff members and several additional board members, and saw substantial growth in our program areas. Through these shifts we have remained consistent in our commitment to collaborative partnerships. Our team [...]

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Statement in Support of Racial Equity & Social Justice


We collectively bear witness to the breath stolen from George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade, Nina Pop, Monika Diamond, and countless others whose Black Lives Matter among a list that is too long and incomplete. Black Americans stand in the eye of law enforcement, public health, distance learning, and the economic storm of an oppressive system. At the CDE Foundation, equity is a practice - not just a word. It is a lens through which we see the world and the way in which we operate. For us, it is also personal, powerful and a process of undoing [...]

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CA Digital Divide Fund


When school campuses across California closed due to COVID-19 in March of 2020, over six million students, their families and hundreds of thousands of educators had to pivot overnight to distance learning. At the outset, the closure seemed like it would be over in a matter of weeks, unfortunately, we know this was not the case. The stark reality we faced was that close to 1/5th of California students lacked the resources to continue their education from home, due either to a lack of connectivity, a device or both. Within days of this realization, in the midst of a global [...]

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California students have big dreams. Unfortunately. some students face a much tougher road to achieve them. It's up to us to remove barriers in the education system that get in their way. Working with Alliance for Continuous Improvement partners, Californians Dedicated to Education Foundation developed this video as a way to help local educators, families, students and community groups engage with their schools, districts and counties in important conversations to better understand and meet the needs of every student. Download: Discussion Question ideas for use with the video. Note: To view the video with captions in multiple languages, click on [...]




We have compiled a range of great materials and resources for local stakeholders created by Alliance organizations, partners and media organizations. These are grouped by topics: Local Control Funding Formula, Local Control and Accountability Plans, California School Dashboard, System of Support and Continuous Improvement, and more. LOCAL CONTROL FUNDING FORMULA (LCFF) Ed100: Chapter 8.5 LCFF Primer: provides a thorough and accessible description (with infographics) about how money gets allocated from the state to local districts. The resource includes explanations of “basic aid” and how special education dollars are separately allocated. EdSource: Local Control Funding Formula Essentials Guide: A primer on [...]

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CEO Transition Announcement


Our organization is anchored by a small professional staff, a highly engaged Board of Directors, a complement of highly skilled and effective consultants, strong partnerships with the California Department of Education (CDE) and other education coalition members, foundations and corporations, and a network of individuals, educational institutions, and nonprofits across the state who share our commitment to public education and California’s students.     During the second quarter of 2019 our organization went through a successful leadership transition of our CEO! You can find documents related to our search and announcements below. Please reach out to our team if you [...]

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California Education GPS


Diverse Coalition Introduces New Policy Resource that Charts Essential Next Steps for California's Public Education System The California Education GPS – www.caledgps.org – articulates a shared vision for all students and offers a research-based route forward for legislators and policymakers. REDWOOD CITY, CA – November 14, 2018 — At a critical period for California public education and the state’s students, the Alliance for Continuous Improvement has introduced the California Education GPS, a resource to guide and support state legislators and policymakers as they work to strengthen and advance education policies and investments that meet the needs of all students. The California [...]

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CDE Foundation Community Report- Released September 2018


Check out our Community Report, "Charting A Path Forward" to learn about what we've been up to! If you are interested in working with us on a future initiative, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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New Resources from the Alliance for Continuous Improvement


New resources are now available to parents, educators and policy makers from the Alliance for Continuous Improvement (ACI)! These new resources can be found on the ACI's Program pages on this website. The #MeetTheDash videos and fliers are designed for teachers and school and district leaders to use with parents and community members, so they can learn more about the California School Dashboard. The "Four Big Upgrades" fliers were developed to help educators explain the major updates to California's K-12 public education system and how they work together. Similarly, the Education Brief for Legislators and Candidates helps state leaders, policymakers and [...]

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We’ve Moved to Our Own Office!


While we have enjoyed our time at GSVLabs, we are pleased to announce that we have moved into our own office space! Our new location is quieter, closer to downtown Redwood City, and has ample parking if you want to visit. Please update your records with our new address: 260 Main Street, Suite 200 Redwood City, CA 94063

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