Draft Statements of Model Practices

Review and Feedback Survey

Welcome! Please use this survey to provide suggestions for the development of the Statements of Model Practices (Statements). The Statements provide summary descriptions of the desired results for each Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) priority and samples of the types of practices and actions that produce those results. The Statements are intended to support local educational agencies (LEAs) and their stakeholders as they diagnose their strengths and weaknesses by helping to identify strategies and practices to support improved performance. There is one Statement of Model of Practices for each of the ten state priorities; Statements have also been developed in the areas of “continuous improvement” and “stakeholder engagement.”

The information you provide in this survey will help guide the development of the Statements of Model Practices. Moving forward, the California Department of Education, State Board of Education, and key partners will be working together to engage stakeholders in this work through a variety of mechanisms.

This survey will remain open until 5:00PM on February 24, 2017. The Statements of Model Practices will be made available in spring 2017 as part of the LCFF Model Practices Resource System currently under development.

For more information and questions related to this survey and/or the LCAP Template revision process, please contact the CDE Local Agency Support System Office at [email protected] or 916-319-0809.

Using this Survey

This site is set up to allow you to view the existing draft Statements of Model Practices on the left while you answer questions/provide input about it using the survey prompts on the right. If the site is not working as described, please download the current draft Statements of Model Practices here and access the survey prompts here.

For more background on the Statements of Model Practices, please see this State Board of Education memo: http://www.cde.ca.gov/be/pn/im/infomemofeb2017.asp

Need help? Please contact the CDE Local Agency Support System Office at [email protected] or 916-319-0809

Statements of Model Practices
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  • Priority 1: Basic Services
  • Priority 2: State Standards
  • Priority 3: Parental Involvement
  • Priority 4: Pupil Achievement
  • Priority 5: Pupil Engagement
  • Priority 6: School Climate
  • Priority 7: Course Access
  • Priority 8: Pupil Outcomes
  • Priority 9: Coordination of Instruction for Expelled Youth
  • Priority 10: Coordination of Services for Foster Youth
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Stakeholder Engagement
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Download Statements of Model Practice:
Model Practices for Priority 1: Basic Services
Model Practices for Priority 2: State Standards
Model Practices for Priority 3: Parental Involvement
Model Practices for Priority 4: Pupil Achievement
Model Practices for Priority 5: Pupil Engagement
Model Practices for Priority 6: School Climate
Model Practices for Priority 7: Course Access
Model Practices for Priority 8: Pupil Outcomes
Model Practices for Priority 9: Coordination of Instruction for Expelled Youth
Model Practices for Priority 10: Coordination of Services for Foster Youth
Model Practices for Continuous Improvement
Model Practices for Stakeholder Engagement