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The California Labor-Management Initiative (CA LMI) seeks to build collaborative relationships among teacher and classified employee unions, school boards, and school district management in county office of education, districts, and schools across the state. Collaboration - jointly identifying and executing projects to work on together to strengthen local education systems - has yielded positive results in school districts in California and beyond, and can be a powerful way for local education leaders to implement change and address challenges together.

The CA LMI works to build knowledge and capacity to enable and expand strong collaborative relationships in schools, districts, and county offices of education across the state.

We are pleased to work with state-level public education partners to realize this vision - see the “About” page for more information about this partnership and the history of the initiative.

CA LMI Goals

  1. Build the collective knowledge base for supporting local labor-management collaborations in California;
  2. Build capacity and resources at the state, regional, and local levels to support local labor-management collaborations;
  3. Facilitate learning and sharing of promising labor-management practices among local labor-management teams; and
  4. Improve a wide range of educational outcomes.