Thanks to Sonoma State University, everyone can be a maker at the California STEM Symposium! Attendees will have the chance to tinker in a makerspace and experience with what it means to think with your hands and learn by doing. This new feature will give educators the opportunity to rethink their classrooms and create makerspaces that allow students to explore through play, inquiry, and iteration.

The maker movement has found its way into the classroom by creating opportunities for students to address a challenge with their hands and collaborate with others. Through this method of learning, students focus on the process, work with other students to find a possible answer, make mistakes, and then try to figure it out again.

Makerspaces can also bring learning into the 21st century. Making combines the spirit of arts and crafts with science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) and students learn how their education can be applied in the real world.

Try making for yourself at the 3rd Annual California STEM Symposium!

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