We are excited to share with you Californians Dedicated to Education Foundation’s 2016 Community Report. This community report is an opportunity for our organization to share the exciting work that we have undertaken this past year, as well as celebrate some of our achievements.

When we take on a new project, we look to see how we fit in as convenors, communicators, and catalyzers of new strategies and how our past experiences, relationships, and successes can be brought to bear on the outcomes of the initiative. This year, we highlight three projects–the Accountability and Continuous Improvement Task Force, the California Alliance for Next Generation Science Standards, and Collaboration in Common–where we are doing just that.

At the core of all of our work, we look to be a trusted partner and collaborator. And none of this work would be possible without the work and support of numerous organizations and education leaders in California.

Along with our programmatic work, this year CDE Foundation engaged in a strategic planning process that resulted in a better expression of what we do, how we do it and to what purpose– improving California’s public education system for the state’s students. As we move forward in these uncertain times, our new Mission Statement will guide us and our Strategic Priorities will help ensure our public education system and the organization is stronger despite the challenges. They both can be found on page 2 of our Report.

We also could not accomplish all that we have this past year without our funders. Thank you for believing in the work, in us and prioritizing California’s students and their education.

If you would like to discuss a new program or project or are simply looking for a trusted partner to bounce ideas off of on how to address a challenge facing California students, please don’t hesitate to contact us.