Makerspace Comes to the California STEM Symposium


Thanks to Sonoma State University, everyone can be a maker at the California STEM Symposium! Attendees will have the chance to tinker in a makerspace and experience with what it means to think with your hands and learn by doing. This new feature will give educators the opportunity to rethink their classrooms and create makerspaces that allow students to explore through play, inquiry, and iteration. The maker movement has found its way into the classroom by creating opportunities for students to address a challenge with their hands and collaborate with others. Through this method of learning, students focus on the process, work [...]

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Blueprint for Environmental Literacy


In September 2015, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson released a plan to improve instruction for students on the environment entitled, A Blueprint for Environmental Literacy. “Climate change, wildfires, and the drought are clear reminders of how important environmental issues are to our own lives and the health of planet Earth,” said Torlakson. “Students need to learn about the environment so they can make informed choices and help to maintain our clean water and air, and preserve our scenic resources. A Blueprint for Environmental Literacy provides recommendations that could help educate all students about how to create a sustainable [...]

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Blueprint for Great Schools Version 2.0


This summer, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson unveiled a new action plan to guide California’s efforts as the state continues to transform its schools over the next four years. A Blueprint for Great Schools Version 2.0 builds on the groundbreaking 2011 report A Blueprint for Great Schools which helped usher in a new era in California schools that has included major increases in funding, more rigorous state academic standards, online student assessment testing, and greater support for the students and schools with the most needs.   “Blueprint 2.0 is the next stage of a rocket that is propelling California into [...]

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Common Core Resources for Parents


There are of course a ton of resources around Common Core – so much so, it can be overwhelming! Parent and guardian support is one of the most important out-of-school factors to a child’s success, but it’s tough for parents to understand the changes and support their children’s education at home. Here is just a small sample of great parent resources out there: Be A Learning Hero – this provides some of the best tools and trusted resources about the Common Core, specifically Common Core math, in one easy-to-navigate site. Be A Learning Hero includes practice problems, homework help, videos, [...]

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