At a time when we are inundated with stories of divisiveness, our CA LMI team brings you stories from the field of how educators have come together for the common good focusing on issues as critical as ending generational poverty through education. The California Labor Management Initiative Spotlight series is a research-based examination of labor-management practices in school systems that have built intentional partnership strategies to improve outcomes for students and staff.

The CA LMI Spotlight author, Julia Koppich, is a leading education policy researcher and has served as a policy consultant for numerous state and federal organizations. These stories from the field, focus on the practices, structures, and approaches that school system labor and management leaders have used to change their organizational culture.

What’s inside the first issue: Each Spotlight features a researched story of transforming labor-management practices in one of the 150+ districts that have participated with CA LMI. This spotlight story features the ten-year journey of growth and relationship building in Dinuba Unified.

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