On January 20, 2016, several leaders of the CA LMI presented on labor-management collaboration at the California Educator Excellence Summit, an event designed to help local education agencies improve their professional learning systems. The panel, titled The Power of Labor-Management Collaboration in Transforming Districts, Schools, and Teaching, focused on how labor-management collaboration can help advance educator excellence in California.

Echoing messages shared by partners at the May 2015 Symposium, Wes Smith, Executive Director of the Association of California School Administrators (ACSA), and Eric Heins, President of the California Teachers Association (CTA) talked about their organization’s commitment to labor-management partnerships and why they feel it is critical to the success of California’s public education system. Researcher Ken Futernick shared the case studies LMI districts are now familiar with, showing that labor-management collaboration can strengthen problem-solving, innovation, and student outcomes. Shannan Brown, President of the San Juan Teachers Association, and LMI working group member, described initiatives that have been collaboratively designed and implemented in San Juan Unified, including their Peer Assistance and Review (PAR) program and a new professional growth system.

Other panelists included Glen Price, Chief Deputy at the California Department of Education and Shelly Masur, CEO of the Californians Dedicated to Education Foundation, both key organizing leaders of the CA LMI who described the impetus and organization of the LMI as well as its current status.  With over 100 school districts having attended at least one convening in the last nine months, it was a great opportunity to share where we are now and where we hope to go.

The summit was attended by educators from across the state, including local educational agency administrators and teachers, among others. It was exciting to have the opportunity to share the work of the CA LMI with these committed professionals.