View California Educators Together, a product of Collaboration in Common. Here you can find high-quality and relevant professional learning, lesson plans, and events for California educators! 

Collaboration in Common is a virtual platform for organizing professional learning communities, improving communication and resource sharing within organizations, an open education resource hub, and so much more!

Connect educators in your sites, districts, counties, or across the state into streamlined collaborative teams. Add your insights and join the conversation in public collections!

Inquire into great open education resources as well as collections curated by a diverse group of educators and educational organizations. CiC will also help you discover great new resources!

Inspire and be inspired by California educators developing creative responses to challenges in real classrooms all toward the end of making our schools transformative places for people.

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California educators do incredible things every day, from creating meaningful and challenging learning experiences to developing innovative ways to meet the diverse needs of California’s children and families.

Sometimes these incredible things find their way into a broader stream of ideas and are shared across the state. Too often the benefits remain geographically isolated.

What if we could connect educators across the state around great ideas through a virtual platform?

Collaboration in Common provides the platform and tools to connect educators within sites, districts, counties, or across the state into streamlined collaborative teams. Educators can also develop collections of resources and follow collections developed by other educators and educational organizations.


Educators across California have taken-up the challenge of implementing new frameworks, standards, programs, and accountability plans, developing new and innovative approaches along the way.

An abundance of open education resources have also become available through efforts across the United States. Despite this abundance, it is often a struggle to locate the right resources for the right situation.

What if we could help educators discover the right resources for their specific needs?

Collaboration in Common integrates open education resources into a common information hierarchy and search protocol. Educators and educational organizations can host curated collections of resources to share across the state. Finally, the platform’s artificial intelligence, powered by Declara Inc., is always searching and connecting educators to the resources they need!


Powerful things happen when educators come together and share their knowledge, insights, and experiences. Whether it’s a chance encounter between a veteran and new teacher about how to support English Learners in the classroom, or whether it’s an association president and superintendent sitting down to figure out how to get more parents to a LCAP meeting, often the resolution to a struggle or a transformation in thinking is just one insight away.

What if we could connect educators across the state in sharing insights about the things that matter to them the most?

Collaboration in Common creates multiple spaces for educators to engage with one another around projects, professional learning, educational resources, and in conversation about the topics that matter to them most. The insights feature allows them to highlight text within a resource or article, insert a comment, and begin a public conversation with educators across the state!