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3D Modeling

Students were asked to create charms to be printed on a 3D printer using modeling environment. First students made models with playdough. Next, students learned about additive and subtractive modeling and had to engage …

Post Title: 3D Modeling . Image Caption: Modeling charms in playdough.


We designed a real-world writing challenge to be a novelist using curriculum from The Young Writers Project ( Students engaged voluntarily in writing at least 6000 words in the month of November and some even …

Post Title: NaNoWriMo. Image Caption: Roosevelt Middle School Novelists with San Francisco Supervisor Eric Mar.

Common Core Math in LBUSD

In Laguna Beach classrooms, students and teachers are making the shift to CCSS in mathematics, by applying skills to real-world problems and implementing the 4Cs: collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking.

Science 4 Kern

Science 4 Kern is a new science mobile lending library program that is offered to 4th and 5th grade classrooms. Standards-based science curriculum, equipment, materials, and support from a credentialed science teacher are loaned to …

Bagby Elementary Second Graders Make A Splash

In Alicia’s classroom, students are mastering the Common Core Standards through thematic learning experiences. In this photo, students are on a learning journey under the sea—gaining number sense by finding ways to count and group …

Photo Credit: David B. Cohen

Fremont Unified SD CCSS Implementation Plan

This document is an example of how a school district can create a plan for implementing the Common Core State Standards

Student Led Solution

This photo is of a student presenting her solution to a word problem to the class. You can see how she represented her work with both pictures and numbers, using multiple modes to solve and …

Student presenting multiple ways to solve a word problem to the class

SMFC Mathematics Pathways to Success

The following presentation was shared at Highlands PTA meeting on November 25, 2014. The presentation was presented by Assistant Superintendent of Education Services, Mary Kay Going and Secondary Math Teacher on Special Assignment from SMUHSD, …

Parent Newsletter, Common Core Update for Parents

We release weekly parent newsletters that highlight something new they might notice about the Common Core aligned work their students bring home, and how they can help them

What's Cooking With the Common Core in California

This video looks at how the Common Core will positively impact our students, educators, and schools, and explains some of the differences between the new and previous standards in practical terms.

Oakland High School - SOAPStone

In teaching both reading and writing, I ask my students to think about the Speaker, the Occasion, the Audience, the Purpose, the Subject, the Tone of what they’re reading and what they’re writing (SOAPStone).

Oakland High School - Scientific Writing

I use the principles of Common Core literacy and writing standards to help my students master scientific writing.

Second Grade Number Sense

One of the things I love most about teaching the Common Core is that it gives me time to make sure my students have a really strong foundation of number sense. Here my students are …

Second Grade Questioning

As part of the Common Core Standards, my second graders are learning to participate in collaborative conversations with peers and adults in small and large groups. They are also learning to ask and answers questions …