Title: Rutgers Cornell Labor Management Partnership Working Paper
Publication Year: 2017
Published by: Cornell University and Rutgers University
Author(s): McCarthy, John E. and Rubinstein, Saul A.

The working paper focuses on school and district decision-making and problem-solving, particularly as they apply to the relationship and collaborative partnerships among administrators, teachers, and their unions.

The research looks at how collaborative partnerships and processes at the school level impact student performance, teacher turnover, and engagement, and the extent to which teachers view their principals and union leaders as educational resources. The national study on union-management partnerships and educator collaboration was conducted in public schools across the country and currently includes over 400 schools in 21 school districts in six states: California, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and New Jersey.

The findings reveal that union-management partnerships help to catalyze productive collaborative behaviors that benefit students and educators alike.