Title: Exploring Promising Approaches to California’s Teacher Shortage
Publication Year: 2017
Published by: The CA LMI

While California is facing an acute – and growing – teacher shortage, school districts, educational agencies, and other organizations around the state and nation are developing and testing strategies to address this shortage.

In addition to increasing the recruitment of individuals into the teaching profession, districts and organizations are working improve teacher mentoring, support, and professional development and change working conditions that affect a teacher’s desire to stay at a school. High rates of teacher turnover – particularly in high-poverty schools, indicate that efforts to address shortages need to focus on the issues that cause teachers to leave the profession – including working conditions and a lack of support.

Research indicates that building labor management collaboration within a district can have a significant impact on teacher retention, as strong collaboration can affect many of the working conditions that influence a teacher’s decision to remain in the profession.

This report outlines a number of the strategies being conceptualized, developed, and/or implemented across California. This document is not intended to be a comprehensive review of all strategies for addressing teacher shortages, and the strategies included here have not necessarily all been studied or evaluated for effectiveness. Instead, this document is intended to highlight a number of ongoing and emerging activities that California school districts and others are implementing to address teacher shortages.