Governance and Support

The California Labor Management Initiative (CA LMI) Steering Committee, initially convened in July 2014, provides policy guidance for this work with representation from all of the key partners and stakeholders. The Steering Committee meets multiple times each year to discuss the progress and future direction of the CA LMI. In addition to the Steering Committee, a Working Group, also comprised of representatives from statewide and local partner organizations, has met multiple times to discuss the initiative and collaboratively identify recommendations that were then presented to the Steering Committee for discussion and approval.

A small but mighty Support Team provides ongoing support to the CA LMI and meets twice per month to review work to date, discuss next steps, develop draft plans for initiative events and activities, and share information and news related to the initiative. The Californians Dedicated to Education Foundation (CDE Foundation) provides ongoing coordination and support for the initiative. Since 2013, CDEF has contracted with the Glen Price Group (GPG) to provide ongoing management, facilitation, research, and communications support for this work.

Steering Committee Members

  • Peter Birdsall, Executive Director, CCSESA
  • Keith Bray, General Counsel, CSBA
  • Shannan Brown, President , San Juan TA
  • Joe Boyd, Executive Director, CFT
  • Chris Callopy, Executive Director, TA of Long Beach
  • Ray Gaer, President , ABC FT
  • Eric Heins, President, CTA
  • Josh Pechthalt, President, CFT
  • Socorro Shiels, Director of Education, California Collaborative for Educational Excellence (CCEE)
  • Mary Sieu, Superintendent, ABC USD
  • Wes Smith, Executive Director, ACSA
  • Jai Sookprasert, Assistant Director for Governmental Relations, CSEA
  • Chris Steinhauser, Superintendent, Long Beach USD

Working Group Members

  • Chris Adams, ACSA
  • Tom Alves, Coordinator, CalTURN
  • Joe Boyd, Executive Director, CFT
  • Shannan Brown, President, SJTA
  • Amanda Dickey, Project Coordinator, CCSESA
  • Ray Gaer, President, ABC FT
  • Leslie Littman, State Board, CTA
  • Mary Sieu, Superintendent, ABC USD
  • Jason Spencer, CDE

Support Team Members

  • David Rattray, UNITE-LA / LA Chamber of Commerce
  • Ken Futernick, Futernick Consulting, LLC
  • Glen Price, California Department of Education
  • Jeff Breshears, California Department of Education
  • Shelly Masur, Californians Dedicated to Education Foundation
  • Mary MacDonald, Consortium for Educational Change
  • Aaron Price, Gaby Baker, and Angela Chang; GPG