About the Task Force

AB 484 requires Superintendent Torlakson to propose recommendations for the student assessment system to the State Board of Education (SBE) and to the legislature; these recommendations should be made in the context of the recommendations for the overall state system of public school accountability required by SB 1458. To facilitate this work and, as recommended in “A Blueprint for Great Schools 2.0,” the Superintendent is convening an “Advisory Task Force on Accountability and Continuous Improvement” to advise him on the recommendations he will make to the SBE and state legislature.[1] Beginning in September 2015, the task force will meet on a regular basis (in person and by phone) to rapidly affirm the principles of the new system, recommend specific components of California’s approach, and suggest modification of existing law, regulations, and systems supporting the previous accountability system.[2] This will form the basis for the recommendations to the SSPI for a new accountability system to be presented to the SBE as well as the legislature.

The task force will be co-chaired by Wes Smith, ACSA Executive Director, and Eric Heins, CTA President. Additionally, the SSPI will appoint approximately 25 key education leaders from throughout California to serve on the task force. The CDE Foundation will provide support for consultants to coordinate, facilitate, and document all meetings and help develop the written report.

[1] Costs associated with the coordination and convening of the task force are funded by the CA Education Policy Fund through the Californians Dedicated to Education Foundation (CDEF).

[2] Darling-Hammond, L., and Plank. D, (2015) Supporting Continuous Improvement in California’s Education System